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Leadership Development, Public Speaking & Media Training, and Community for Women in Healthcare

Real Women, Real Results


Advocating for women and witnessing the incredible power that comes when you share your voice in an impactful, articulate, intentional, and authentic way is the foundation for the change we're seeking in this world. It starts with us. 

It starts with your voice being heard.

Have Your Voice Heard is a membership training program for women in healthcare looking to make an impact, advocate for other women, advance their public speaking and media interview skills, connect with other like-minded women, and learn how to use their voice in a way that creates a bigger difference. 

This program was created to help more female leaders in healthcare have their voice heard so fewer patients get lost in the system, receive misdiagnoses, or die from either preventable diseases or in childbirth. 

Kathryn Janicek, Founder of Have Your Voice Heard and Kathryn Janicek Productions, is a 3x Emmy-winning media & public speaking trainer helping leaders communicate more effectively when speaking with any audience. Kathryn’s 25+ years of experience brings expert perspective on shaping messaging and delivering with impact on a global scale. Kathryn is passionate about holistically empowering women to lead and helping them have their voices heard. Her firm trains people from  executives at Fortune 500 companies to physicians at world-renowned hospitals changing the healthcare landscape.

Why You Should Join

As a busy medical professional, you know how important effective communication can be. Whether you're presenting research findings, discussing treatment plans with patients, or collaborating with colleagues - your ability to communicate clearly and confidently can have a major impact on your success. You are already an expert in your field, and with the rich, experience-based knowledge offered in this group training, we're going to help you deepen your confidence around public speaking (with any audience, on any platform!), expand your leadership (in your career, your passions projects, and your personal life), as well as create the impact on the world that you were meant to. 

What’s more, your increased confidence will lead to a ripple effect across the rest of your life. As you show up more confidently personally and professionally, you’ll also achieve more of your goals faster than you ever dreamed.

Inside the network, you'll find a library of tools including downloadable guides, videos, tech recommendations, and wellness tips, a community of women in healthcare bettering themselves through the power of communication, private Q&A sessions, and exclusive events just for you, opportunities from journalists looking for features, and more! 

We cover a new topic in depth every month where you will achieve outcomes such as:

  • Gaining the confidence to succeed in media interviews and on stage

  • Standing out and being more memorable on panels and in webinars

  • Gain the skills to advocate for women’s health disparities, for your patients, doctor pay, insurance issues, etc

  • Move into leadership positions

  • Going after and winning more awards

  • Asking for and obtaining raises and move up in your career

  • Learn small business skills so you can open your own practice

  • Create more jobs

  • Help ensure fewer women die from preventable diseases and fewer women of color die in childbirth and from the misdiagnosis of disease

We will answer your questions like:

  • How do I show up on camera?

  • How can I be more charismatic when presenting, in media interviews, with patients/donors, and with any audience?

  • How can I communicate better with managers, colleagues, direct reports, boards of directors, and all stakeholders?

  • How can I avoid getting burnt out?

  • How can I better present on webinars?

  • How do I run for office inside my medical association?

  • What do reporters look for in experts they book on TV or interview?

  • How can I get in the media? What is the media looking for in guests?

  • How can I stop saying uhm, uh, well, so (filler words) so I sound smarter?

  • What should my hair and makeup look like on TV or on stage?

  • How can I become a paid speaker?

  • How can I negotiate for a raise?

  • How can I communicate with a difficult boss?

  • What should my slides look like to make sure my audience stays engaged?

  • How do I learn how to read from a teleprompter without looking like I’m reading from a prompter?

  • What are the best colors to wear on camera and on stage?

A Big Thanks

Thank you for being here, for using your voice, and for all of your support. Together we will be able to create a supportive, learning-focused community dedicated to deepening your confidence, expanding your leadership, and creating a positive impact on the world.